A Message From The Dean

Ahn Jung-ho

Seoul National University Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology is making a leap toward the world's best convergence education and research.

Seoul National University Graduate School of Convergence was established in March 2009 for the first time in Korea under the global topic of "convergence" and is an educational and research institution established one step ahead of the world. Convergence as a methodology rather than a disciple of learning is the identity of the Graduate School of Convergence, and it is steadily growing with the efforts of competent professors and challenging and creative students who want to advance the times. Currently, we are focusing on education and research to realize the core values required by future society in advanced fields such as Intelligence and Information, Applied Bioengineering, Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaculatory Science, Mathematical Information Science, Health Science and Technology.

The Graduate School of Convergence aims to cultivate creative talents necessary for realizing a sustainable future society by respecting humans, sharing social values, and pursuing human-friendly, environmentally friendly science and technology. In addition, as a specialized research institution aiming to create new values through convergence research, I would like to repay humans and society by conducting multidisciplinary innovation research such as science technology, humanities, and culture and arts to discover and solve global issues that cannot be overcome by existing science and technology.

Currently, convergence is commonly used as a noun and is widely used in industry, academia, and political relations as a methodology of convergence. The Graduate School of Convergence is proud to have led this change of the times, and at the same time, we want to lead the new era of Convergence 2.0 with an open and inclusive attitude in the global environment of infinite competition and infinite cooperation. The Graduate School of Convergence is young and dynamic, and respects creativity and diversity, which are the roots of future value. By setting an example for innovative convergence education and presenting methods for creative convergence research, we will further solidify our position as a global institution leading education and research.

Thank you.

Ahn Jung-ho,
Dean of Seoul National University's Graduate School of Convergence