1 We Innovate!

In the midst of knowledge-based economy’s growth, the demand for field-oriented experts with interdisciplinary integration of knowledge has been rapidly rising. The Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology (GSCST) aims to be the world-class education and research institution of convergence methodology and technology. We respect creativity and diversity as the root of convergence and we are stepping up as a young, dynamic and global institution.

2 Creating a New Paradigm of Convergence Science

GSCST drives advancements by breaking invisible barriers in existing academic disciplines. We establish a new education system and present research methods & strategies to set and achieve creative goals. Through the endeavor, we are growing as a world-class education and research institution that leads convergence education and convergence research.

3 Fostering Creative Minds with Convergent Thinking

Young but Rapidly Growing

Granted approval of foundation in 2008, Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology (GSCST) at Seoul National University has opened its doors to prospective students in 2009. Aiming to create a new type of knowledge that surpasses barriers between existing disciplines, GSCST has established four programs in the Department of Transdisciplinary Studies: Program in Nanoscience and Technology; Program in Digital Contents and Information Studies; Program in Intelligent Systems; and Program in Biomedical Radiation Sciences. It also runs the Department of Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Digital Forensics Studies.

A World Leader in Convergence Science and Research

The society calls for sophisticated, educated individuals with creative minds and challenging spirits for the next step forward toward higher value-added businesses and products, as well as source technology development and product innovation. GSCST performs the role as the world-class knowledge base to lead new technology development for future industries and to foster professionals capable of the most competitive research. Furthermore, GSCST is invested in promoting practical expertise and advancing new convergence technologies based on the breadth and depth of its interdisciplinary founding.