Fabrication and characterization of biomimetic nanoparticles

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■ 주제 : Fabrication and characterization of biomimetic nanoparticles

■ 연사 : 중앙대학교 융합공학부 박한수 교수

■ 일시 : 2020 331() 17:00~   

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              (ID : 879 7605 9198)

■ 초록 

Bioengineering strategies to enhance the natural targeting function of nanocarriers would magnify their therapeutic application. Here, we designed and developed the bioengineered 

nanocarriers to increase their retention time and achieve robust targeting by coating the surface of nanoparticles with different types of lipids. The lipid coating did not only increase the retention time of drugs and growth factors, but it also enhanced their circulation time in the body.
Several types of lipids including cell membranes were tested for various applications. The reported strategy opens the door for the creation of biocompatible and custom-tailored biomimetic nanoparticles with varying hybrid functionalities, which may be used to overcome the limitations of current nanoparticle-based therapeutic and imaging platforms.


■ 약력

2008 – 2009: Posdoctoral Research Associate, Stanford University, USA 

2007 – 2008: Research Scientist, Rice University, USA

2003 – 2007: PhD in Bioengineeing, Rice University, USA

2000 – 2002: MS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST, Korea

1993– 2000: BS in Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea

초청자 : 응용바이오공학과 이강원 교수(031-888-9145)