Design of Plasmon-Coupling Nanotechnology for Label-free Immunosensor and Energy-Saving Devices.

Speaker: Prof.Kuan-Jiuh Lin(National Chung-Hsing University)

Date & Time: 2020. 2. 6.(목), 15:30

Where: 융대원 D-122호


Well-defined layer-by-layer sandwich-structured AuNP/TNW/AuNP composite is proposed for direct and ultrasensitive detection of α-fetoprotein (AFP). The AuNP/TNW/AuNP composite is produced by assembling an Au nanoparticle underlayer and anatase TiO2 nanowires (TNW) onto the FTO substrate, followed by decorating Au nanoparticles onto the TNW surface, through a simple sputtering and hydrothermal process. The resulting AuNP/TNW/AuNP electrode exhibits a 14-fold and 2-fold enhancement in photocurrent density under simulated sunlight compared with that of bare TNW and AuNP/TNW, respectively, which benefits from the SPR-induced photo-absorption increment and charge separation improvement in Au nanoparticle and interfacial charge transfer promotion at the TiO2/substrate interface in the Au underlayer. As a proof of concept, the AFP antigen can be quantitatively detected by the proposed AuNP/TNW/AuNP coupled with anti-AFP through the analysis of the photocurrent change. This novel AFP photoelectric immunosensor exhibited sensitive detection of AFP with an ultrahigh sensitivity of 0.001 ng mL−1 and good specific selectivity. The constructed AuNP/TNW/AuNP photoelectric immunosensor demonstrated good applicability and potential attraction for clinical test and disease diagnosis.


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